Building a Resumé

"Look, Natalie, there's the Tribune Tower where you used to work." Natalie got a chill.

“Look, Natalie, there’s the Tribune Tower where you used to work.” Natalie went blank.

(Chicago, Illinois) Natalie was offered a job as a business reporter by the Chicago Tribune in 1978 and took it.  But then they called back and said she couldn’t take it.  The reason?  Well, turns out yours truly was laboring in the distant suburbs as a beat reporter for what he had cheekily told his boss was the world’s greatest insert, aka: the Suburban Trib.  As in the Tribune’s considerable effort to retain and expand readership in the belt of suburbs that fits tightly around the City of  Chicago.  When I told my boss that my wife had been hired by the big Tribune, she got on the blower and saw to it that Natalie’s hiring was rescinded on account of the Tribune’s anti-nepotism policy. Can’t have spouses or family members working side-by-side at the world’s greatest newspaper and world’s greatest insert can we?  No, ma’am. So the folks at THE TOWER told Natalie to hang on to her job as a reporter at the Crain Communications publication, Pensions & Investments.  Natalie would have none of that, and was ready to fight for the job promised her at the big Trib.  I told her: “No need to fight.  I’ll quit and go on unemployment and write that novel I’ve always wanted to write, and you can have your career at the Tribune.”  And that’s what we did.  And, do you know, my boss at the world’s greatest insert did not contest my unemployment claim, and I did indeed use my time on unemployment compensation to write that novel I had always wanted to write, and Natalie had her brilliant, but brief, career at the Chicago Tribune, and the writing bug soon bit her, and, in no time flat, we moved to Michigan and formed The Dunery Press and started pumping out our own books.  And, except for that recent day in Chicago when Natalie crossed under the shadow of THE TOWER, we haven’t looked back.


About charleymckelvy

Charles McKelvy lives and writes in southwest Michigan with his wife and fellow writer, Natalie McKelvy. They established the Dunery Press in 1988 in order to publish their own fiction. They continue to do so to this day. Charles McKelvy is an Eagle Scout.
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  1. Stay tuned. She’s been at the keyboard of late.

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