Sad Day in Saint Joe

IMG_7414(Saint Joseph, Michigan) Two friends and I visited the Berrien County Jail in Saint Joe the day after an inmate shot and killed two bailiffs, wounded two other people, and then was shot and killed himself by police in the courthouse next to the jail. We made the national news for a news cycle. Then the media went away. But the shock and hurt and heart-break and outrage and confusion and dashed hopes for a better world remain. The deputies on duty at the jail Tuesday were subdued to say the least. They worked with grim determination and professional courtesy. But they were clearly hurting, and they did appreciate being told how sorry we were for their losses. That was clear. But it was clear we had a duty to meet with our class of inmates, and we did so, carrying, as we always do, our message of experience, strength and hope. Despite it all. And then, when we had passed through the infamous red door after our class and walked back into the free, fresh air, we paused prayerfully at the makeshift memorial for those who died in Saint Joe on Monday when our little county made the national, and, I suppose, the world news. ###


About charleymckelvy

Charles McKelvy lives and writes in southwest Michigan with his wife and fellow writer, Natalie McKelvy. They established the Dunery Press in 1988 in order to publish their own fiction. They continue to do so to this day. Charles McKelvy is an Eagle Scout.
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2 Responses to Sad Day in Saint Joe

  1. claywatkins says:

    it’s been sad everywhere lately. my heart goes out the families of the deputies in St. Joe… there seems to be a great deal of anger in our world and not enough peace. trying to think peaceful thoughts and be the change I want to see.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Even peaceful Beautiful St. Joe cannot escape the violence pervading our country. What a shame. My heart goes out to all who have been affected by the senseless violence.
    p.s. missed you at Owasippe. It was great getting back there after 39 years.

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