Thumb Drive

Natalie was splinted Tuesday.

Natalie was splinted Tuesday.

(Harbert, Michigan) It’s official: Natalie is on the DL for six weeks while she gives her right thumb the time and security it needs to recover from her fall on the tennis court in Bridgman on Friday, September 23, 2016.  She dislocated and broke her thumb in the incident, and the hand doctor said Monday upon examining the thumb that the flexor tendon was intact, but just barely so.  Meaning that any heavy lifting or stress to the thumb could cause the tendon to pop and lead directly to some serious surgery.  Natalie doesn’t need that, so yours truly is stepping in as needed to provide help in the kitchen and doing all the driving.  Alas, Natalie is now limited to walking and some non-load-bearing exercises, so she is regarding the fall as an extension of what she saw as a very dark summer due to her recovery from back and shoulder issues.  Cards and letters would be very much appreciated in care of: Natalie McKelvy, P.O. Box 116, Harbert, MI 49115.  Courage, My Dear!

As our friend Trina Walsworth of Bike Stop says:  "This is the new reality. Suck it up, Buttercup!"

As our friend Trina Walsworth of Bike Stop says: “This is the new reality. Suck it up, Buttercup!”



About charleymckelvy

Charles McKelvy lives and writes in southwest Michigan with his wife and fellow writer, Natalie McKelvy. They established the Dunery Press in 1988 in order to publish their own fiction. They continue to do so to this day. Charles McKelvy is an Eagle Scout.
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5 Responses to Thumb Drive

  1. Dixie Burkhart says:

    Cool splint! When I had mine, I didn’t get any fancy velcro straps! I had to ace wrap the thing on and off every time it needed to come off. And coordinating colors! Do you have a selection of different color straps to go with your wardrobe?

  2. AUNT cynie says:

    So sorry about your injury. They really gave you a BIG bandage. Makes you realize how much you depend on your hands. Glad Charlie is there to keep things together!! Lots of walking and enjoy the fall colors. Much love A.C.

  3. Sharon Rayl says:

    Hi Natalie. So sorry about the thumb. No hitch hiking I presume. Or thumbs up. Or stuck in her thumb and pulled out a plumb. No thumbing your nose or sucking your thumb. What ever will you do? Perhaps a little bedside bell to ring for Charley to wait on you hand and foot…or shall we say thumb and toe??? All the best and to you both. And an open invitation to come rehab in the Sunshine State. Hugs, Cousin Sharon

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