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Seven Times Seventy

RETURN ENGAGEMENT Flash Fiction by Charles McKelvy The young man hung his head as the Correctional Officer, or CO, led him back into the prison he vowed to never set foot in again. Ever. And yet, here he was, shackled … Continue reading

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Trick Photography

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All the Rage

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Relieving the Sting of Rejection

To be rejected is to be refused. Denied.  Hurt, really.  Really, really hurt.  We put ourselves, or an expression of ourselves, out there for others to accept, and they reject us.  Ouch!!!  Hurts worse than a bee sting or a … Continue reading

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Man in the Mirror

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Having Had a Spiritual Awakening . . .

(December 18, 2005) I was out for my Sunday run before Mass.  I was heading east along Youngren Road here in Harbert, Michigan watching the sky redden in the east. And then it hit me—literally hit me—I was powerless over … Continue reading

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