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A Story for Halloween

The Witching Hour A Halloween Story by Charles McKelvy The Halloween Special didn’t run on Halloween; everyone knew that. The railroad museum only ran their spooky special behind their restored Shay logging locomotive on the three weekends before Halloween. There … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction

The Last Train to Slipsville Flash Fiction By Charles McKelvy George settled in the aisle seat and couldn’t help but notice that the young man in the window seat was watching the ballgame on his device. “Mind if I look … Continue reading

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Turn to the New Page: Pond Scum

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A Story for Our Times

DRONE STRIKE Flash Fiction by Charles McKelvy They weren’t entirely sure they should invite Karen and her new guy friend over for an evening on the dock they had just installed on the pond at the foot of their property, … Continue reading

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God’s Waiting Room

                                                              Copyright 2017 Charles McKelvy   Lucky Chucky A play in one-act by Charles McKelvy   The Players: Doorkeeper Impatient Patient   The Place: The Waiting Room   The Play is the thing and here is the thing at … Continue reading

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First Fiction

                                                                 Copyright 2017 Charles McKelvy   THE LEGEND OF THE THREE-LEGGED DOE A Short Story By Charles McKelvy “Do you know the legend of the three-legged doe?” “No. Do you?” “Glad you asked. Got a minute?” “Sure.” “Good. So, on … Continue reading

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Of Special Note:

RHONDA, THE REJECTED REED   A STORY FOR MUSICIANS OF ALL AGES   by Charles McKelvy The principal clarinetist arrived at orchestra hall long before the concert, and, as was his custom, he immediately began fussing with his reeds. Those … Continue reading

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