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From Russia with Love

(Harbert, USA) With all this paranoia about the Rooskies being touted by the presstitutes, I wanted to weigh in with an expression of gratitude to the Russian people for their warm hospitality in October 2007 when my mother and I … Continue reading

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Mother’s Russia

Travels with Charley: Getting Mother to Russia by Charles McKelvy Travel is never easy, right? Yes, I’m right, because I speak from experience, and the travel misadventure I would like to speak of right now is the trip my late … Continue reading

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Remembrances of Russia

Reading another blogger’s lovely post about her recent trip to Russia got me to thinking about the journey of discovery my mother and I made in October 2007 when we traveled by ship from Moscow to Saint Petersburg.  I would … Continue reading

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War with Russia?!?

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Red October

WHAT—ME WORRY? LESSON LEARNED by Charles McKelvy When I was all of 12 and a student in Mrs. Harrington’s 6th grade class at Alice L. Barnard Elementary School in Chicago, I was convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that I was … Continue reading

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To Russia, with Love

I have been dismayed to hear my well-educated friends parroting the inflamed rhetoric about Russia, Russians, and Russian leadership that we heard from Hillary Clinton during the election and are now hearing from the military industrial complex, the so-called intelligence … Continue reading

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A Trumpy Ride

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