Yoga Cat

Jacqui says: “I don’t need no stinkin’ yoga videos. I’m a natural. This, by the way, is the ‘crouching tiger.'”


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Far Afield

(Harbert, Michigan) Natalie has taken to the road and sidewalk lately  as she recovers from injuries to her hip and thumb. Alas, no bicycling for my bride.  So when she said she was going to drive south on Prairie Road the other sunny afternoon and do a spot of walking, I rode out to meet her.  Here are the results of the two of us being far afield:

Natalie seen from afar as she walks far afield.

Farmer Natalie says: “Seems like they just planted these beans the other day.”

I continued on a solo bike ride. This is looking west on East Road.

I look forward to hiking this preserve with Natalie when she is fully recovered.

Selfie at Cherry Beach. That grumpy old guy sure needs a shave.

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Golden Moment

Before Saturday’s rains came this golden sunset at Cherry Beach on Friday here in the Great Lakes State of Michigan.

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Fall Back

We visited our niece Andrea a few falls back in the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa and enjoyed some wonderful fall walks with her, a fall back or two. And that reminds me: fall back on November 5 when Daylight Savings ends.

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Cloud People

We are most definitely cloud people, and we spotted these at the post office in Harbert, Michigan the other day.

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Red-hot Rhapsody in Blue

My amazing teacher Jason Gresl turned me on to these two today.  Enjoy!

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Hey, hey, it’s the Shay!

Hesston’s class C Shay was the last narrow gauge Shay built.

(Hesston Steam Museum, Indiana) A highlight of any visit to this wide-open window to yesteryear is riding behind the museum’s magnificent class C Shay locomotive.  The La Porte County Historical Steam Society, Inc. restored their Shay in 1975 but then thought they lost it in a fire in 1985.  Alas, they rebuilt their Shay, which was originally built for New Mexico Lumber Co. in 1929, and roll it out on their property as often as they are able. Hopefully, the Shay will be pulling Hesston’s famously spooky Ghost Train these last three weekends of October. That would certainly be fitting, because the Shay lends a ghostly presence to the museum grounds, especially when she gets back in the woods and sounds her mournful steam whistle. Sends goose bumps right up your goose bumps, for sure.  Oh, and a little history of the Shay locomotive, which was the most widely used geared steam locomotive. The locomotives were built to the patents of Ephraim Shay, who, I am happy to say, was a schoolteacher, clerk in a Civil War hospital, civil servant, logger, merchant, railway owner, inventor, and—best of all—a Michigander.  Again, our friends at Hesston will be running their Ghost Train the last three weekends of October, Shay or no Shay.  Hard to say. But I do say you should head out there on CR 1000 North in lovely La Porte County and treat yourself to a steamy ride through yesteryear.  Look for the billboard at CR 1000 North and IN-39, just south of the state line with Michigan.  Trains start running at noon Central and continue until 5 p.m.  Visit: before you go, but do go.

The Shay was on duty Labor Day Weekend for the annual Steam Show.

Headin’ out at Hesston behind the mighty Shay.

Here’s lookin’ at you, Shay!

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