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Fasten your seatbelt, everybody, because we’re in for a Trumpy ride.

You Ain’t From Around Here

A poem

by Charles McKelvy

We are one mean-ass country.

Meaning, we are meanest to our fellow Americans.

When we say:

You ain’t from around here.

We mean just what we say:

You ain’t from around here.

You’re the wrong damn color.

Speak the wrong damn language.

You are:

A queer-

A spic-

A mick-

A chink-

A slope-a-dope-a-ropin’ porch monkey.


You are a person of no interest.

To me.

And all that counts is




Got it?!?

Now get the hell outta my space.

Resign from the damn human race,

‘cause you only exist to

Suck my hard-earned dollars outta my wallet

Come payday.

And payday can’t come soon enough,

way things are goin’ down ‘round here,

If’n you know what I mean.

But how in the Sam Damn Hill would you know what I mean?!?


 You ain’t from around here!!!!

 I repeat:

You ain’t from around here!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mad Bombers

One Man’s Opinion

by Charles McKelvy

When we’re mad as hell and sure as hell aren’t going to take it anymore, we bomb the hell outta some poor saps in far-away places with funny faces and silly names and costumes.

They ain’t from around here, so we bomb their rocks into rubble and their deserts into glass.

If we take out the occasional friendly with our friendly fire or an unsuspecting wedding party or some bleating goats, so be it!

Off to perdition with the heathen lot of them, because we have a whole lot of war machinery to support.

War is profitable for the moneyed class, so they want all the undeclared wars with an unconscripted military they can get.

Mind you, they’re not going to be stupid enough to send their own sons and daughters to be dismembered and blown to smithereens in some distant hell-hole with a funny-sounding name, but they’ll sure expect the basket of deplorables to dish out the cannon fodder on a regular and reliable basis.

War is hell for some, but heavenly for those who profit from it. And profit they do and do and do and do and do.

So keep those big mothers a dropppin’.

War profiteering is what we’re fighting for.

It’s the American way.

It’s the way of America’s mad bombers who are mad as hell and aren’t gonna take it anymore.