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Travels with Charley: A PC Walk Close to Home

(Harbert, Michigan) I was honored to have been chosen to lead the Prairie Club Walk on Sunday, November 5.  And, despite a light rain, the group was absolutely determined to sally forth from the Buena Vista for a hike around … Continue reading

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Fall Roundup

(Harbert, Michigan) Before the weekend rains there was a wondrous Friday afternoon bike ride on Vinnie the Verve.  More on him later, but for now, a fall roundup of photos taken in and around my hometown here in southwest Michigan.

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High-water Mark?

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Tracking Shots

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In the Limb Light

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Far Afield

(Harbert, Michigan) Natalie has taken to the road and sidewalk lately  as she recovers from injuries to her hip and thumb. Alas, no bicycling for my bride.  So when she said she was going to drive south on Prairie Road … Continue reading

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