The Dunery Press



By that we mean the just-published books by The Dunery Press:

Life with a Laryngectomee, a Remembrance by Charles McKelvy

Friends and Other Works by Natalie McKelvy, and

The Celebrant and Other Works by Charles McKelvy.

Remember Natalie and Charley McKelvy and their indomitable Dunery Press?

Sure you do, and you surely will be glad to know we have both been writing up a storm, and that we are defying convention by offering books in print for your perusal, enjoyment, entertainment, edification, and elation.

Well, we are quite elated to offer our new books at $10 each, including shipping, so you’re still eligible to reap the bargains you’ve come to expect since 1988 in dealing with the durable DUNERY PRESS.  We may have slipped off the publishing world’s radar screen, but we are truly one of the last cottage presses left in America, and we would dearly love to send you our latest books for $10 a pop with no postage or handling.

So what’s in it for you?

Life with a Laryngectomee, a Remembrance is Charley’s remembrance of his late father, James S. McKelvy. This memoir will speak to you if you grew up with an alcoholic parent (or two), as Charley did.  Writing in the foreword, Michael Thomas Klinger states: “I was struck by Charley’s ability to accept his parents as they were and to find a way to forgive them and love them.  That is the battle that too many of us have been unwilling to engage.  As far as I can see, it is the only way our battered and broken civilization will be able to make it for another millennium.”  Klinger, who describes himself as a “garden-variety drunk, chronic malcontent, and beneficiary of unmerited grace,” says he likes Charley’s story better than similar ones he has read.  Judge for yourself.  $10 per copy, and absolutely no shipping charge.

Friends and Other Works is Natalie’s compilation of timely tales of life after the bubble.  Take Doomer Chick, for example.  Natalie takes us to Worth, Michigan where Delilah Murphy is obsessed with the end of the world.  “She found it comforting:  when the world ends, so do all your problems.”  But your reading pleasure will continue all the way through Natalie’s tantalizing tales of life amidst the economic ruins of modern America.  Comb-bound and richly illustrated with Charley’s sketches.  $10 per copy, and absolutely no shipping charge.

The Celebrant and Other Works is a direct result of Charley’s coming out as a daily blogger in January 2011.  Well, what we have here is a collection of two novellas that were based on Charley’s work experience in the land of “contract employees,” and a miscellany of essays, short stories, poetry, prayers, and journalism.  You can find a whole lot of it on Charley’s blog, Vector Charley at, but if you buy his book you will have it all right on your bookshelf for future reference and general page-flipping.  $10 per copy, and absolutely no shipping charge.


Please order using this form, mailed to the address below.  Include full payment and make checks or money orders payable to:  Charles McKelvy,  P.O. Box 116, Harbert, MI 49115.  The Celebrant and Friends are 8-½” x  11”, photocopied, with black-and-white artwork and plastic coil bindings.  Life with a Laryngectomee is 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ and is a perfect-bound paperback.  All books are autographed and will be shipped by U.S. Postal Service.  If you’re looking for one of our older titles, email us at:, and we’ll see if we can’t scrounge up a copy or two.  Thank you!!!


Ship to:




Titles from which to choose:

 Life with a Laryngectomee, a Remembrance

by Charles McKelvy (120 pages)                                _____@$10

Friends and Other Works

by Natalie McKelvy (90 pages)                                   _____@$10

The Celebrant and Other Works

by Charles McKelvy (228 pages)                                 _____@$10

Subtotal:                                                                                                     $_______

6% sales tax (Michigan residents only):                                                 $_______

TOTAL:                                                                                                        $_______


7 Responses to The Dunery Press

  1. Pingback: PARALLEL UNIVERSE: Natalie McKelvy’s Fiction Captures Personal Tragedies of Survivors of the Nation’s Continuing ‘Economic Collapse’ with Humor, Understanding « davidkinchen

  2. Tony Roeder says:

    Hi Charlie and Natalie,
    We met a little more than a few years back. I found your blog about a year ago and pop in every now and then. I just wanted to say hi and would appreciate getting back in touch with both of you… if you don’t mind.

    All the Best

  3. Anonymous says:

    Will we ever see the Dunery Press backlist as ebooks? Please?

  4. Susan Stormont says:

    Hi Charley and Natalie. Good to see you today, even for that little bit. I was telling you, Natalie, about Fiddler’s Hearth Irish Pub in South Bend. I think you’d like it. We went for Sunday brunch (starting at 11), and they have entertainment during this time. A man on dulcimer, and another on guitar, and they sang Irish songs. Real Irish menu, too. Lots of fun. Hope Hannah is well. Other than going today to pick up boxes, I haven’t been there all winter. Had two rounds of upper respiratory and my thyroid went wacko, so I have been not well all winter. 😦 for me. Hope all is fine with you two. Susan

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