Michigan Deer

Who’s that munching happily on what passes for our front “lawn?”

“You talkin’ to me?”

“This is the last picture, and I’m outta here.”

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Stop on Red Signal

Always a good suggestion.

Plus, it gives you a chance to do a little train watching.

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Petunia Portrait

Pretty as a petunia, right? Think it needs watering? I’m on it!

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Flash Fiction


Flash Fiction

by Charles McKelvy

“You know—FROG.”


Fully Rely On God—FROG.”

“Okay. So how about my electric bill?”

“What about your electric bill?”

“I am going to fully rely on God to pay it. Or, I’ll just write FROG on the payment slip and send it back like that. What do you think?”

“It don’t work that way.”

“Then how does it work? Like, with you. I owe you money for fixing my car. Can I just tell you that I’m behind this month. I not only cannot pay my electric bill, but I don’t have the scratch to settle up with you. So, you know, fully rely on God. Do a FROG and just figure God will provide.”

The FROG man frowned and said: “It don’t work like that.”

“I hear you, but I ain’t got the scratch, bro’, so either you fully rely on God, or—“
The FROG man simply pounded lumps on the dead-beat’s head and stomped off, fully relying on God to forgive him.


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Beach Buggy

(Michigan) This baby took me right to the beach at Warren Dunes State Park the other day, and I didn’t spend a dime on gas. Treats for the rider? Well . . . .

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A Driving Need for Oatmeal

(Pullman, Michigan) When we run low on oatmeal and rice, we head for Country Life Natural Foods at 641 52nd Avenue and buy 100 pounds of steel-cut oats and 50 pounds of short-grain brown rice and head for home. Oh, and one of us, that would be me, usually buys what Natalie calls “food toys.”  You know: vegan cookies and frozen tofu treats and the like.  Hey, Pullman is three counties away—in Allegan County—so we have to make the drive worthwhile.

This ought to hold us for a week or two.

But it is worthwhile when you consider the wholesale prices we pay for the oats and rice.  We enjoy the drive to Country Life up Blue Star Highway and then east on 109th Avenue to downtown Pullman and then a bit beyond to 52nd Avenue.  Look for the Country Life sign on the right, and you can’t go wrong.  But be prepared for a long winding drive on a gravelled road through the woods.  Just when you think you’re lost forever in darkest Michigan, there it is: Country Life Natural Foods.  We always call ahead to be sure they have our oats and rice in stock, and you should too by phoning: 269-236-5011.  And then do as we do and take a leisurely drive home on the backroads of Allegan, Van Buren and Berrien counties.  Life in Michigan is good and even better when you have a driving need for oatmeal at Country Life Natural Foods.

The last part of the drive to Country Life is the best, in our opinion.

As Yogi Berra always said: “When you get to a fork in the road, take it.” That’s what we do when we go home from Country Life.

Worth getting out of the car for.

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Have Book, Will Travel

Natalie demonstrates the fine art of reading on a train. In this case, a South Shore rush hour train from Chicago to Michigan City.

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