Treasures of Toledo

(Toledo, Ohio) One could favorably compare the Toledo Museum of Art to the Art Institute of Chicago, and we would be the ones to do so after our day-trip Tuesday to this magnificent repository of art and jewelry from the ancient world to modern and contemporary work.  We went, of course, to see the special exhibition of Athenian Vase-Painting in the early Fifth Century B.C., but we made time to see as much of the museum’s permanent collection as we could.  Again, please put the Toledo Museum of Art on your bucket list.  Contact them in care of:  Now, here are some of my favorites:

Everyone needs a little Rembrandt in their day.

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Off to see the Berlin Painter

Brian Byrn guided us into the wonders of the Toledo Museum of Art.

(Toledo, Ohio) As devotees of the magnificent Museum of American Art in Elkhart, Indiana, we hearken to whatever they show or suggest, so when curator Brian Byrn proposed a bus trip to the Toledo Museum of Art to see a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition titled THE BERLIN PAINTER AND HIS WORLD, we got on board the morning of July 25 for a trip to Ohio.  Brian thought of everything, of course, so we had a preparatory lecture on the way to Toledo and thus knew that the exhibition is about one of the ancient world’s most significant artists, a nameless Athenian vase painter in the early fifth century B.C.  After a ride through the verdant Indiana and Ohio countryside, we beheld his dramatic painted ceramic vases, many of which were found in hundreds of pieces and painstakingly reconstructed.  Brian Byrn organized the trip because the exhibition is only touching base in one Midwest location, the aforementioned Toledo Museum of Art where it will be on display through October 1, 2017.  You simply must take a road trip to Toledo this summer or fall and see it.  Oh, and you will want to do as we did and see as much of the Toledo Museum of Art’s amazing permanent collection as you possibly can in a day. (And, yes, I will post more on that later.) Actually, you would be well to book a room in Toledo and plan to spend two days at this Midwest marvel.  While museum admission is free, there is a charge for special exhibits such as the one we saw.  Well, worth it.  The museum is closed Mondays.  Contact the Toledo Museum of Art in care of:

Greek, Attic, Attributed to the Berlin Painter, about 490 B.C. Ceramic, British Museum.

My little history major was in her element in Toledo on Tuesday.

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Pipe Dream

Yeah, yeah, the Sox lost 7-2 today to the Cubs, but Sox starter Carlos Rodon tied a career high with 11 strike-outs, and he didn’t do so bad at the plate. There are still two games remaining in the 2017 Crosstown Classic. Go Sox.

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Sweep Dreams

(Chicago, Illinois) How “sweep” it would be if the White Sox were to sweep the 2017 Crosstown Classic. They got off to a great start yesterday with their 3-1 win over that North Side team.

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Angry Sky

(Harbert, Michigan) Before the beautiful bout of summer weather pushed in off the lake this morning, we had this to contend with during our Sunday evening bike ride around town.

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Jungle Pool

Jacqui takes on water in her “jungle pool” and then . . .

. . . then heads out on her “jungle path” in search of big prey.

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Morning Run

(Michigan City, Indiana) How would you like to go for a morning run with this big guy? He was heading out recently for a morning run on the South Shore Line.

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