Eating Out in Chicago

(Chicago, Illinois) We found just the food we were looking for on Randolph Street when we were in town recently for the Chicago Jazz Festival.

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Cat Nap

This is where Jacqui naps when we’re binge watching the latest series. We’re currently enjoying “The Last Kingdom” from the BBC.

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Spiritual, not religious

via 7 Things AA Taught Me About Salvation

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Fossil Fuel

I remember hearing as a kid in the 1950s that we would be well beyond burning fossil fuel in the 21st Century. Okay, then why all these coal trains that rumble through Harbert, Michigan on a regular basis?

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Rest Stop

I took a mini-vacation on I-94 between Kalamazoo and Saint Joseph, Michigan on Wednesday by stopping at the rest stop and actually stopping and resting. Stopping/resting: = rest stop.

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Sunset on Summer

(Harbert, Michigan) Savoring the last sunset of summer 2017 from the deck at Cherry Beach on September 21.

(Harbert, Michigan) Pedal a few more miles, and . . .

(Harbert, Michigan) Voila! One gets to enjoy the after-glow of summer along Prairie Road.

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Natalie’s Lament

When Natalie first went on the DL, my teacher Jason Gresl wrote a lament for her, titled, of course: “Natalie’s Lament.” He wrote it for two clarinets, but he wasn’t here the other day, so I played both parts. Have a listen:

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