Domestic Bliss

Nothing is better than a good book on the lap desk and a contented cat at foot.

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March Madness

I painted this Sunday while watching the two Carolina schools advance to the Final Four.

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People, Look East

(Harbert, Michigan) People, look east. At least east along East Road, because this is the kind of late afternoon sight you are situated to see at the end of a great bike ride. This was taken a few weeks back at the junction of East and Prairie.

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Lots of Wood Frogs

(Harbert, Michigan) We have been hearing lots of Wood and Chorus frogs in the woodlots along Prairie Road the last few days. Spring has sprung!

And here is a helpful soundtrack for your own field investigation:

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Line Drawings

(Harbert, Michigan) According to our thermometer, we peaked out at 81 yesterday before the front came sweeping across the lake bringing life-giving spring rain and more seasonal temperatures.  I was blessed to have caught that very transition at work over the lake late Friday afternoon from my favorite perch on Lake Michigan, the Cherry Beach overlook.  Here are two shots worthy of your water coloring this weekend:

First, from afar, and then . . .

. . . zoomed in. Praise the Lord and keep fresh batteries in the camera.

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Waiting for Spring

(Harbert, Michigan) Have no fear, my deer, for spring is here! The snow has melted; the rain has pelted; the woods (with green) soon belted.

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“Who is that cat in the box?”

“Yeah, it’s me, Jacqui. Now buzz off and let me get a good cat nap in here.”

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