Rapid Transit

(Chicago, Illinois) An outbound CTA Orange Line train departs for Midway Airport from the Halsted station on a recent Sunday afternoon.

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Chicago Church Tour

St. Mary of Perpetual Help Church is a Bridgeport landmark.

(Chicago, Illinois) For Corpus Christi Sunday I went forth with fifty or more fellow pilgrims from St. Mary of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church at 1039 W. 32nd Street in a solemn Eucharistic Procession to the Monastery of the Holy Cross at 3111 S. Aberdeen Street.  Basically, we walked around Bridgeport with Jesus.  That was the long and the short of it, but we were all moved by our movement of a few blocks because we sang with the choir and chanted with the monks and put our faith out there for all to see.  Most moving for me was seeing a man wheel an elderly woman out to the curbside in a wheelchair so she could behold the passing of the Lord.  I am attaching photographs of both churches and encouraging you to take your own church tour.  Please visit: http://www.stmaryph@aol.com and http://www.chicagomonk.org for more information.

St. Mary of Perpetual Help has always taken pride in the richness of its Polish heritage, as evidenced by its interior decoration and art.

The copper-clad domes of St. Mary soar high above Bridgeport.

On final approach to the Monastery of the Holy Cross at 3111 S. Aberdeen Street. For information about their bed & breakfast, please visit: http://www.benedictinebandb.com

You will find silence in the city at the Monastery of the Holy Cross at 3111 S. Aberdeen Street, Chicago, IL 60608-6503.

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Summer Job

Willy Garcia of the Chicago White Sox has the right idea for the ideal summer job. Where do I apply?

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Summer Nocturne

To celebrate Summer’s Eve, may I please play “Summer Nocturne” by Fred Weber from his CLARINET SOLOIST SOLO BOOK. Have a long, happy, relaxing and safe summer, y’all!

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Good Morning, Sunshine!

The promise of a new day.

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Swan’s Way.2

I finally painted one of the Trumpeter Swans we saw recently at Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery near Kalamazoo, Michigan with our friend and guide, Dixie Burkhart. I gave the painting to Dixie in gratitude for her friendship.


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Hall of Fish

Chicago’s John G. Shedd Aquarium as seen from the Roosevelt CTA station, while waiting for an outbound Orange Line train to the monastery.

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