Today we remember George L. Addison who was killed in action in Soissions, France on July 18, 1918.

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CP Holiday Train

You friends in Wisconsin should check this out, if you haven’t in past years.  The train is featured in the current (December) issue of Trains Magazine.

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Unit Cohesion

These sailors learned to march AND play together.

When I joined Company 74-037, 1st Regiment, 17th Battalion, at the U.S. Navy Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois on 27 February 1974, I doubted we ragamuffins would ever coalesce.  But then they up and shaved our heads and put us in uniforms and marched us everywhere, from O-Dark-Hundred to final bugle call.  But the day we all knew we were one, finely oiled, recruit company was when the drill instructor had us run laps as a company in the mammoth drill hall.  He and our company commander thought they could wear us down, but they could not.  The more they made us run, the more we ran together.  We achieved unit cohesion that March afternoon in 1974, and it was no coincidence that the Berlin Wall came a tumblin’ down less than 20 years later.  There, that’s my story for Armistice Day, and I’m stickin’ with it.

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So November

Some negate November in Michigan.  I do not, and support my argument with these photos I took Friday at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, and on the way home from Andrews.  Behold:

The snow caught up with us on Glendora Road. Don’t worry: Natalie was driving.

Last stop before home: mail call at the Harbert Post Office.

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This Old House

A friend and his family and friends are restoring a farmhouse in Benton Township, Michigan dating back to the 1890s. I snapped this just as they were getting started. I’ll report back with updates.

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Solidarity & Solitary

Lara Turner and Jason Gresl performed “Solos and Duets with Claricello” Thursday at the Snite Museum of Art in conjunction with the exhibition “Solidarity & Solitary.” It was truly a harmonious blend of music and art.

Lara plays; Jason listens.

Jason plays; Lara listens.

Natalie becomes one with the art.

Jason becomes one with the art.

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The Road Less Traveled

(Michigan City, Indiana) When you opt out of the I-94 madness and take U.S. Hwy. 12 all the way to Chicago, you enjoy seeing scenes like this. Life is all about taking the road less traveled.

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